Prem SagarTechnology Design Educator

Prem Sagar is a Technology Design Educator, A tinkerer by passion, An engineer by qualification, and An entrepreneur by profession, Founder at Gurugram’s first Makerspace, Banaao – A Makers’ Playground.
He is an avid geek and is always keen to solve problems by using hardware technologies. He is a full-time ‘Maker & Manager’ and is the founder of Gurugram’s first Makerspace, Banaao- A Makers’ Playground, which is a multi-disciplinary innovation lab for people of all ages.
His keen interest lies in democratizing the access to technology. Tinkering since childhood, he has made numerous prototypes & projects in the fields of electronics, mechanical, solar etc. along with a patent and has conducted multiple national & international workshops.

e-Textile Workshop

1st November, 2020 11-2 PM E-Textiles Workshop – by Prem Sagar

He will be taking a Workshop on e-Textiles during the hackathon.
The world is moving from a phase where technology & electronics changed the way we do things to
a phase where technology is changing what we believe is possible. In this scenario, a creative approach to learning digital technology & electronics and its applications are essential; an approach where computing & electronics empowers designers and their Ideas.
This workshop will focus on the integration of textile design and tech skills together and enable participants to e disciplines of experience cross-disciplinary innovation by leveraging the power of E-Textiles.
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Develop a solution in the Intersection of Fashion and Tech!