Ms Bharti MishraTextile Design Faculty
JD Institute of Fashion Technology

Bharti Mishra is a textile design faculty at JD Institute of Fashion Technology. With a combined industry, education and entrepreneurial exposure of more than 27 years, she has been imparting Textile Design inputs to the aspiring fashion design enthusiast

Ms. Bharti Mishra will conduct the design workshop assisted by Md. Jabbar Khatri.

Design Workshop: Unity in Diversity – Textiles of India

Date : 10th Nov. 2020 from 11.00-14.00 hrs. IST

Profile Md. Jabbar Khatri

Md. Jabbar Khatri is an artisan who belongs to the Muslim Khatri community. His father is National award-winning Rogan Artist. For many centuries, his family has been practicing this craft for embellishing textiles for use by local communities around them in Nirona region of Kutch. The family has
been consistently working towards reviving, practicing, and revitalizing Rogan art. He has been trained under his uncle, the artist, Khatri Abdugafur Daud (Padmashree award & National Award winner), and from his father Khatri Arab Hasam who is also a National and State award winner. Jabbar Bhai has since
then been innovating the Rogan art to combine it with fashion. He has developed fashionable products with the centuries-old craft of Rogan art, such as stoles, shawls, sarees, and jackets. He represents my family in National events and museum programs to promote their traditional art. He has recently registered his business and started selling his products online through Amazon India under their scheme of boarding artisans to sell on their site. He was selected for participation in the International and National Buyer-Seller meets by Gujarat State Handicrafts & Handloom Development Corporation Ltd.

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