About Fashion Tech Hackathon & Bootcamp

As one of the world’s most polluting industries, fashion has some major negative environmental impact. Considering that Fashion is a 2.1 Trillion Industry, we need to be alarmed! While it is starting to turn up the dial on its environmental efforts – many brands and retailers are making significant progress in reducing their negative impacts – there is still a long way to go.

Positive change is urgently needed and now is the time to work together to find solutions to the fashion industry’s environmental and social impact. What better than finding solutions collaboratively, where designers, startups, academicians and industry come together to find sustainable solutions

Committed to driving change, we bring together a unique FASHION SUMMIT which would include the FASHION TECH HACKATHON and learn from the most sustainable brands and retailers, trailblazers and unicorns, disruptors, progressive thinkers and pioneers through a series of workshops, sessions, demonstrations, webinars, hacks, etc. The SUMMIT and the HACKATHON would be concurrently running within the Handloom Festival (at www.worldtradeexpo.com) a virtual exposition organized by World Trade Centre, Mumbai and IAMKHAADII FOUNDATION ( IAMKHADI ).

While the Textile and Fashion industry has the highest carbon footprint, India’s traditional hand spun KHADI and HANDLOOMS not only have very little environmental impact but are also deeply rooted into traditional culture and rich heritage.  New developments like using SOLAR ENERGY in the SPINNING and WEAVING process, has further reduced the carbon footprint.

We would explore through the Fashion Tech Summit and Hackathon, the possible ways of combining traditional handlooms and Fashion Tech to find some sustainable solutions.

If you are passionate about supporting change in the industry, please get in touch to discuss how you could be aligned with this Sustainable Fashion agenda with the help of technology solutions. You can be a learner, participate in the summit, attend webinars, panel discussions or participate in this FASHION TECH HACKATHON.

Help Redefine the Future of Fashion!

The Fashion Tech Hackathon is a dynamic, cross-circular event allowing teams of students, startups or working professionals/industry experts from all across India, to learn new skills and create innovative technology that will help define the future of fashion.

Develop a solution in the Intersection of Fashion of Tech!

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Develop a solution in the Intersection of Fashion and Tech!

Participants spend 7 days developing a project of their choice in the form of a :

  • Sustainable Fashion : Technology-enhanced garment or
  • Wearable Fashion -responsive web/mobile application or
  • Mobile/Web Apps to reduce waste or improve discovery and distribution of fashion using new age technologies.

Instructions :

  • Teams are free to use a variety of electronic and Handloom/Khadi materials at their own cost.
  • Faculty mentors and industry experts will be available to assist the participants with any issues or questions they have during the event.
  • At the parallel space, there would be webinars, workshops and expert talks on Fashion tech which can be attended by the participants.

Fashion Tech Challenge Themes

1. Sustainable Fashion Products

Sustainability is a term often associated with the effort to preserve the resources of our planet. When engaging in sustainable practice it is important to consider the three pillars of sustainable practice: environmental, social, and economic. Anything created must not cause irreversible damage to the environment or those that depend on it, should benefit society and be economically viable.

Four key themes to addressing sustainability include:

  • Disposal
  • Access
  • Participation
  • Adoption

Sustainability must be closed loop (either biodegradable or infinitely recyclable) with responsibility for the disposal of the product as important as the initial distribution. How can we plan for the entire lifecycle of a product? Imagine how technology might be applied to create or utilize sustainable products using KHADI / HANDLOOM textiles? How might technology be used to encourage and enable others to take action against climate change, fast fashion, or clothing waste? How can technology be used to reduce energy and/or water use/waste?

2. Wearable Fashion Products

b. Wearable Health Fashion Products

Any wearable tech enhanced product with Khadi/Handloom/cotton base to provide any health related fashionable but usable product to solve a health condition – e.g. Jacket with heat sensor, fashion garment to monitor body vitals, masks with nano filters etc.

3. Mobile/Web Apps

Recent data released by Google confirms what we already know - mobile is the future of retail.  Over 64% of smartphone shoppers turn to mobile for ideas before heading out to shop and 1 in 4 mobile video viewers visit YouTube for help with a purchase decision.  While consumers may not always have access to a tablet or laptop, mobile is the one device that is always on, connected and in reach.  Mobile is the ideal platform to bridge retailer’s in-store and online experiences and is the perfect avenue for brand’s to communicate directly with the customer.

a. Apps To Reduce Waste/Improve Discovery And Distribution Of Fashion

Any application which aids in handling waste in either production or recycling of rejects/old garments or unsold inventory.

Improving discovery of new fashion, managing fashion events, etc.

e.g.- A luxury fashion resale marketplace

Fashion search & discovery app for multiple brands

Marketplace for waste to fashion products

b. Apps to Aid Marketing & Sales Of Fashion

Any application to aid marketing & sales by managing remote product trial room, customized ordering by selecting the choice of colour, size and fit, etc., fashion shows through AR/VR/MR, etc.

c. Improved Inventory Management

AI-based predictive analytics enable fashion retailers to learn from prevailing customer behavior and plan their inventory stocks accordingly. AI-powered tools can help the fashion business identify their best- (& worst-) selling items and plan their inventories accurately.

Hack@FashionTech Rules


  • The hackathon is open to students (any student enrolled in a college or university is eligible, student ID card to be submitted along with the form) as well as industry professional (business card to be submitted along with form).
  • At the time of RSVP all team members/ participants are requested to upload a valid College ID to verify their details.
  • The Contest is open to students and alumni of colleges based in any part of India. (Please mention the year of starting and ending the course)
  • The participants will work in the team of 2-5 contestants
  • All entries must be complete and submitted on time.
  • One Project per team - one team per participant (one participant can enroll through one team only).
  • Teams must self-select the theme under which they are participating for their project submission.
  • Team must present virtually at the Handloom Festival expo website (worldtradeexpo.org) and awards ceremony.
  • Teams are encouraged to attend the webinars, talk sessions and keynotes at the Fashion Summit.
  • Application Form should be submitted latest by 21st November, 2020 by 11.00PM
  • The participants can form team with students from inter disciplinary streams. This means a team can comprise of fashion design students and engineering students


Submission should be in the form of a PowerPoint Presentation which should be submitted by the stipulated date and time with the following details:

  • Slide 1: Project Name
  • Slide 2 : Theme
  • Slide 3: Name of the Project Leader Include Team Member Names and Roles/Responsibilities
  • Slide 4: Inspiration Please describe what inspired you.
  • Slide 5: Mood Board
  • Slide 6 : Colour Board
  • Slide 7 : Client Profile
  • Slide 10 : Built with :Let us know what you used to build your project. If you didn’t use any in a particular category please state n/a.
  • Slide 11 : What it does : Please describe what your project does.
  • Slide 12 : How we built it : Please describe how you made your project.
  • Slide 13 : Accomplishments that we're proud of : What are you proud of in regards to your project
  • Slide 14 : What we learned What did you learn? Takeaways and insights?
  • Slide 15 : What's next for your project : What are the next steps for your project? If you could continue developing your project, what would you do?
  • Slide 16 : Group reflection
  • Slide 17 : 2D handmade or Computerized sketch: Front View
  • Slide 18 : 2D handmade or Computerized sketch: Back View
  • Slide 19 : 2D handmade or Computerized sketch: 3/4th View
  • Slide 20 : Project Video is required to be embedded
  • Slide 21 : Project Photos are also required
  • Slide 22 : Bibliography & References :


Preliminary Evaluation will be done for all the teams through their project abstract and 16-25 teams will be shortlisted for the next level by the mentors/jury members (approx. 5 each from each theme)

The top 16 teams will be required to make a presentation online to the jury at the appointed time and date (tentative November 28/29 ) and demonstrate the working video and explain their fashion tech details including code review and fashion design/views.

The finals will be then conducted among the 6 teams who would be shortlisted from the previous level who would make a pitch which will be streamed online and selection and top three winners will be announced amongst these.

Organising Team

Chief Convener

Er. Yash Arya



Er. Dolly Bhasin

Founder, SmartEdge


Bhavna Arora

Industrial Relationship Manager,
JD Institute of Fashion Technology


1st-18th November

Individual Registration & Bootcamp

21st November

Last Date Team Registration for Hackathon

22nd November

Hackathon Begins/Orientation Session

24nd November

Idea Submission and Validation

28th/29th November

Ist Submission (28th 11 PM)/Semifinals Hackathon

4th December

Finals & Showcase.


1st - Prize from IBM - Sony Headset for each team member & Direct Entry to a Global Fashion & Beauty Challenge
2nd Prize By IBM - Sony Headset for each Team member & Direct Entry to a Global Fashion & Beauty Challenge
3rd Prize by IBM - Sony Headset for member of team & Virtual Incubation of the team by SmartEdge

All Participants get-

  • Free Website with Payment Gateway Integration from DIGITALSME, IAMKHADI
  • Booster Package for Payment gateway (upto 1 lakh per month of Ecommerce transaction) for one year from PAYTM
  • Free Developer Cloud from IBM for one year with Fashiontech Code patterns

All Semi finalists get additionally

  • Free Course Vouchers from IBM
  • Participation in Virtual Exhibition to from IAMKHADI

All finalists get additionally

  • Free Course Vouchers from IBM
  • Participation in Virtual Exhibition to from IAMKHADI
  • Additional Swags from IBM
  • Opportunity to showcase miniapp in PAYTM app


Our Mentors

  • Samiksha Bajaj

    Co-Founder, Samshék

    Independent, Innovative, and Insightful. She stands at the forefront of the fastest moving technology...

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  • Sharath Kumar

    Data Scientist at IBM

    Sharath Kumar RK is a Data Scientist at IBM India Software Labs. He specializes in Data Mining,...

    view profile
  • Ms Jahanvi Chadda

    Design Faculty

    Jahanvi Chadda is a post graduate in Fashion Design, and is currently serving as a professor of...

    view profile
  • Ms Bharti Mishra

    Textile Design Faculty

    Bharti Mishra is a textile design faculty at JD Institute of Fashion Technology. With a combined...

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  • Dolly Bhasin

    Founder, SmartEdge

    Dolly Bhasin is a Knowledge entrepreneur. Her experience spans over 35 years as an innovator and...

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  • Shikha Maheshwari

    Technical solutions architect, IBM

    Shikha Maheshwari is a technical solutions architect with 14 years of experience in IBM. She is passionate...

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  • Shishir Miglani

    SmartEdge Mentor

    CEO & founder of multiple award winning company Kurativz Technologies (www.kurativz.com) . Founder...

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  • Prerna Bagga

    SmartEdge Mentor

    She has worked in product, P&L management, growth and strategic initiatives across Financial Services,...

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  • Amey Nerker

    SmartEdge Mentor

    Amey is a social innovator who enjoys building things that impact the community. Amey recently got...

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The hackathon is open to students (any student enrolled in a college or university is eligible, student ID card to be submitted along with the form) as well as industry professional (business card to be submitted along with the form).
· Teams must consist of 2-5 members.
· All entries must be complete and submitted on time.
· One Project per team. One team per participant.
· Teams must self-select the theme under which they are participating for their project submission.
· Team must present virtually at the Webinar platform and Valedictory ceremony.

It is a 9 Days long Online Hackathon with Fashion Bootcamp

The Goal of the Hackathon and Bootcamp is to learn how combine fashion and technology, learn about sustainable fashion and how to work in multidisciplinary team.

We are currently only looking for atleast 2 member teams. We encourage you to reach out to your friends and colleagues at your university or work or our community partner networks to form teams.

Participation is free.

Last date for Application Form Submission

October 30, 11:00 PM

Hack@FashionTech Registration & Inaugural

October 31, 11.00 AM

Deadline Project Submission 1

November 6 , 11.00 PM

Deadline Project Submission Final

November 8, 11.00 AM

Please email us at smartedgeteam@gmail.com with all your questions!


Our partners don't just reach a large number of students/startups from all over Delhi-NCR and beyond, they contribute towards the evolution of great ideas and the formulation of efficient products and for this, we are ever-grateful to them.

Our partners are also collaborators to bring high value through academic, technical and operational expertise for conducting the hackathon.

If you would like to know more about partnering with us please contact us at smartedgeteam@gmail.com

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Academic Partner (Fashion)

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Other Partners

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